Make your twists last longer! (For martinis, etc)

If anyone knows me, they know that I LOVE AMASS martinis.  Like, a lot.  Like, when I walk into a bar (which is where you'll find me everyday once this is over) the bartender usually just starts making a 50/50 AMASS martini for me.  Don't tell my mom.

I like my martinis with a lemon twist.  One issue now that we're at home... Lemon twists (or grapefruit twists are delicious too) can be tough.  You know if you take one lemon twist off a lemon the lemon will dry out and the rest of the twists you get off said lemon will not be great.  So I have taken to getting all the twists off my lemons and keeping them in the fridge in a small Tupperware container in between two slightly damp paper towels.  They will last several days and you will still be able to get lots of essential oils out of them for your martini.  They won't look as pretty, but all you REALLY need are the essential oils and then you can toss the less than IG worthy lemon twist before you start sipping your martini.  Oh, and that lemon that you peeled?  Time to juice it to make an AMASS Tom Collins!  Cheers!

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