Got an empty wine bottle? I know you do after this week...

Let's face it.  There's at least ONE empty wine bottle in your house or apartment right now.  So, before you recycle it, I'm going to offer another use for it and I think you'll thank me (and no, I'm not going to tell you to roll out pizza dough with it, but be my guest!):

The Large (but not nearly large enough) Format Bottled AMASS Negroni!



- Empty wine bottle (freshly washed; clear glass bottle if you got it just so you can see a little more easily; oh, and try to save the cork)

- Measuring cup

- 320ml AMASS Gin 

- 215ml Campari

- 215ml Sweet Vermouth (I like Dolin Rouge, but Cinzano Rosso is great for those looking to save a few dollars)

Measure ingredients individually and pour into wine bottle.  Put cork in bottle to seal and rock it back and forth gently (hold the cork in place!) to mix everything together.  You now have 750ml (25oz!) of AMASS Negroni.*  Pour over ice and serve!  Garnish with an orange twist if you have one.  Otherwise, just imagine it.  Store in fridge if you have room, but the AMASS and Campari will help preserve the vermouth!  Refill as necessary!

*Makes 8 servings... in normal times.  


Some of you might notice that this is not an equal parts Negroni (1:1:1), and you're right.  This is my preferred AMASS Negroni build (1.5:1:1).  I think a little more AMASS gin helps bring our citrus and baking spice notes more in harmony with the sweet vermouth and Campari, and I like that.  Cheers!

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